666 Christian Crimes



600 - 699



Sabinian (Sabinianus) was elected pope. During a famine, this pope used church funds to buy grain for the city of Rome and was hailed as a savior. He set up a criminal network to sell the grain at black market prices and kept the profits himself. Those who complained were excommunicated and / or beaten. His funeral procession had to go outside the city walls to avoid rioting citizens tearing apart Sabinian's body, and his burial site is still a secret. [Curran, 27-28]



Pope Boniface III decreed that anyone who talked about a pope's successor while that pope was still living should be excommunicated. [McBrien, 74]



"When Pope Boniface IV consecrated the old Roman Pantheon as Sancta Maria Rotondo in 610, he had thirty-two wagon loads of martyrs' bones brought from the catacombs and placed in the various shrines within the newly consecrated church." [Martin, 110]



Catholic Visigothic king Sisebut ordered Jews to free all Christian slaves, forbade Jews to hold positions in government, and restored the death penalty for converting Christians to Judaism. He later ordered all Jews to convert to Christianity or leave the country. [Engh, 107]



Catholic Frankish king Dagobert I forced Christian baptism upon pagans. [Engh, 106]



After Heraclius took back Jerusalem for Christians from the Persians, "a massacre of Jews followed." [Johnson, 1987, 166]



Emperor Heraclius ordered all Jews in the empire to convert to Christianity. [Engh, 115]



Lombard king Aripert I, a Catholic, outlawed Arianism. [Engh, 105]



Imperial troops were sent to Armenia to destroy the Paulician heresy led by Constantine Sylvanus. Sylvanus was stoned to death and his successor burned alive. Many others were executed. [Engh, 113]



"In 687, while Pope Conon lay dying, Archdeacon Paschal sent word to the Exarch at Ravenna that he would pay him one hundred pounds of gold ... for election, and the Exarch got him elected. But his opponents elected the Archpriest Theodotus, and the rivals held each one half of the Lateran Palace. Others now chose the priest Sergius, and the Exarch transferred the debt to him, and for a hundred pounds of gold made him Pope." [McCabe, 1939, 142-143]



Selected Canons from the Council of Trullo:

[Valantasis, 292-299]






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